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Launch Your Life,
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God is at work in your life to prepare you for something-and it is greater than you think. When you understand who you are and how God is at work, you can really start to dream. If you establish those dreams in the foundation of God and His Word, as Isaiah 40 says, you can soar.


College and Young Professionals

Launch Ministry is the source for you to learn to find and navigate your life and career path in the service of God. Through the College and Young Professionals programs, you will :

  • Learn how to use your unique gifts and talents.

  • Ascertain how to build a career and life with spiritual intention.

  • Be inspired by Biblical men and women who had jobs and responsibilities much like you.

  • Understand how to embrace God’s plan for your full life in service of Him.

  • Discover how the Lion and Gazelle survival skills can inspire you.

In addition, resume writing and interview tips are also available in these groundbreaking and inspirational lessons.

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Young Families

Parenting habits start early, and the future is riding on it. By setting intentional thought processes and behaviors in place based on Biblical principals, parents can set a course for a family life that God desires. In our Young Family groups, you will:

  • Discuss the importance and learn practical tips in creating love for God and each other as the foundation of the family.

  • Review Biblical parenting principals, and the best way to implement them with your children.

  • Learn about developing your child’s unique character through love, parenting, and Biblical discipline.

  • Understand how to view your family life journey with God.

With opportunities for questions and discussion, learn from each other and learn from God’s plan.